Transcendent Winds

"...the algebra of the heart, brain and soul..." - MUSICIAN'S EXCHANGE

Transcendent Winds is music for falling asleep, for dreaming, for staring at the stars, for meditation, for sound healing.  Cascades of exquisite flute float and layer themselves into a sound bath, adapting to the resonance of the room, creating a durational performance of anywhere between 1 – 3 hours.  The audience is invited to recline, to lose themselves in meditation, to transcend time and timelessness, to relax.  It is performed in environments that are conducive to long form work and ideally, laying down, such as yoga centers, holistic and medical conferences, drone festivals, sunset rituals, festival closing ceremonies, and in formal concert venues.
Time and again, I have been told that people “feel better” after experiencing Transcendent Winds.

“Bonnie Kane’s playing is a gateway into another, more ethereal plane.
As a listener, I get hooked into her melodies-upon-melodies — a
trance-like state. Beauty and otherworldliness.”
– Sarah Van Buren,

Transcendent Winds, Live @ The Rotunda, Phila., Pa.
Transcendent Winds - 24 Hour Drone, Basilica Hudson, NY 2017

Bonnie Kane - Transcendent Winds solo #2 @ The Rotunda, Phila., Pa

Bonnie Kane - Transcendent Winds @ 24 Drone Festival, Basilica Hudson, NY - excerpt

Transcendent Winds:
The Embrace of Above and Below

Transcendent Winds:
Shifting for Healers

Transcendent Winds:
Sonic Healing Hour

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