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“Majestic” is the word that comes to my mind when I listen to these tracks, now a full year + after they were played and recorded during the COVID period. There’s so much motion and emotion in the music. There are quiet parts, rhythmic parts, and parts with themes that swell to the heights of being.

In this era, where every rehearsal and every show can be recorded in high quality sound on a phone, potentially yielding a new release practically every minute in this current culture of “singles”, the purposeful creation of an album of music – an intentionally collected body of work – is extremely significant. The artist wants to codify this period of time in their work that bore the music.  The artist, indeed we, the artists, want you to hear this album as a whole, composed of individual tracks that are related, representing what we had to say during a period  “…where ventilation of space and mind enabled adaptation and survival, and improvisation became life…”.  Now this will stand on it’s own as it goes through all time, lasting beyond us.

When you think of it that way, making and defining a body of work – like an album – is kind of a heavy thing – full of effort and responsibility to deliver something meaningful to one’s self and others in the present, that will still deeply move people in the unknown future past our lifetime.

At least, that’s how I look at it. That’s why, Ventilation, our second album, took some time to create.

– Bonnie Kane

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Three tracks of delicious sound that banish the boredom of predictability and invite repeat listening, with enough detail to continually reward your attention.

Track 1 – (12:30), “Fluid Disruptor”
is an equation of continuous multiplication that creates the whole being.

Track 2 – (21:08), “Elliptical Inflorescence”
sparkles with sage beauty simultaneously tightening and unravelling through time.

Track 3 – (10:34), “Mass Ejections”
is a vision from somewhere near the noisy Nth power where even inspiration has a rough edge.

Featuring original artwork by Bonnie Kane.
Available through: http://kaneloggiahypothesis.bandcamp.com; Apple Music; Spotify

KaneLoggiaHYPOTHESIS are an experimental duo of master improvisors burning through the realms of noise, psych, free jazz, and avantgarde, bringing you out of your brain and into your heart where the sound is felt and does it’s most needed work…

Their electrifying music can rock like crazy, making you dance and giving you what you need…like a slice at midnight….

The glorious joy of their music can send your spirit soaring, and it’s endlessly deep textures will challenge your ears to stay alert and inquisitive.

If you are starving for an intensity of experience that matches your own…
you are about to feast!

Internationally renowned, dedicated improvisor, BONNIE KANE, is a pioneer in electronic processing for flute and saxophone. She is captivated by the focus required to be in the moment of creation, and the purity found there.
With over 40 releases as a soloist and bandleader, she is featured on Godspeed You! Black Emperor’s album, “Luciferian Towers”, and Jon Spencer Blues Explosion’s album,“Orange”. A record dealer and music curator, she belongs to the lineage of free sonic space explorers.
Multi-instrumentalist, JOHN LOGGIA
draws the percussive nature out of each
instrument he plays: drums, piano,
electronics, guitar. He can play in the
deepest of pockets and manifest all
manner of sounds.
Immersed in the arts, he is a painter, production designer for film, co-director of the arts and educational venue, 118 Elliot Gallery in Brattleboro, Vt and the executive producer for the acclaimed documentary film, “Fire Music”.
These sounds circulate in his blood.

And so, from these two artists,
comes the album, “Another Time”.  Having played live for years together, the pandemic lockdown afforded the time, and forced center of calm, for their sound to grow. Recorded mostly in John’s, Brattleboro, Vt. barn, during this period, the album is a slice of their collaborative lives…a record showing that 1+1 = infinity.

“…it is in the moment, that sound can change into magic,
where souls are nourished, inspiration renewed,
and lives changed for the better.”
Bonnie Kane

KaneLoggiaHYPOTHESIS live @ XFESTonline 03.05.22, 118 Elliot Gallery, Brattleboro, VT

Another Time – official music video

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