Noise Solos

"Sound can carry such truth and purity. I remain enthralled."


Inflammations, Irritations, and Uprisings

This is the sum. My thoughts on this time. The world, the human animal, who we are and what we are doing. It is a telling.  But it is also a prayer. It’s an admonishment. But it’s also an encouragement.  Let the sounds go through you, let them twist, let them sparkle. Let them make you feel the energy that connects all things, all beings, all time. Let them help you, let them help me…to do better.

Saxophone, flute, electronics, feedback.
Solo performance is, for me, an endless dive into the center of sound.  There is immense freedom there: to follow a frequency, hold a harmonic, to channel melody, to flow into discoveries.  The challenge is to maintain presence; to get so within the sound, as to be the sound.  The power from that focus propels the vibration from soul to soul.  I become a conductor of energy.

2nd Wednesdays Electronic /Experimental Music @ Quinn's, Beacon, NY 03/13/19 set 1

Sonorium Series, Gallows Theatre, Salem, Ma 09/17/16

International Noise Conference 2016, Miami

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