Bonnie Kane Solo _ Salem, Ma BONNIE KANE Saxophone Flute Electronics Psychedelic, Noise, and Ambient Music IMPROVISOR

My work is evolutionary, formed from equal exposure to the avant-garde, free jazz, hard core and the psychedelic. I can present my work to you as noise, free jazz, psych rock, free improv, jam band, trance, meditation, or bio-composition. I am an improvisor.

“…This is foreground music…” – Billy Syndrome

The Pandemic Concerts: (live online shows to make these ill times better)

Afternoon Noise: No Apologies, Wednesdays 3pm EST

Shows before the Pandemic

Transcendent Winds: Hour of Calm, Sundays 8pm EST


Sonic reverb exploration conducted by saxophone, flute, electronics and feedback. Harsh beauty. more...

5 amplifier flute solos

Meditative long form flute solos for deep trance. more...


Playing well with others in duos, trios, quartets and larger bands. more...

New Album Release

Transcendent Winds: The Embrace of Above and Below

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Others Have Said

  • Sarah Van Buren, Basilica Hudson
    ``Bonnie Kane's playing is a gateway into another, more ethereal plane. As a listener, I get hooked into her melodies-upon-melodies - a trance-like state. Beauty and otherworldliness.``
  • Brent Black, Critical Jazz
    ``...sonic brain wash as Jimi Hendrix meets Albert Ayler....Kane is fearless on tenor saxophone...``
  • New York City Jazz Record
    ``...Kane develops themes and motifs with the complexity of a dark red wine...``
  • Thor's Rubber Hammer
    ``...Kane's contributions bring the unit to its most psychedelic paramount...``

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