Bonnie Kane Solo _ Salem, Ma BONNIE KANE IMPROVISOR Saxophone Flute Electronics Psychedelic Avant-core Noise and Peaceful Ambient Music

My work is evolutionary, formed from equal exposure to the avant-garde, free jazz, hard core and the psychedelic. I can present my work to you as noise, free jazz, psych rock, free improv, jam band, trance, meditation, or bio-composition. I am an improvisor.

“…This is foreground music…” – Billy Syndrome


Sonic reverb exploration conducted by saxophone, flute, electronics and feedback. Harsh beauty. more...

5 amplifier flute solos

Meditative long form flute solos for deep trance. more...


Playing well with others in duos, trios, quartets and larger bands. more...

New Album Release

Los Condenados

Your upstairs neighbor drags furniture across the floor, while the dishes are clanging in the sink being washed. At the same time you can hear people yelling in bits of strange languages from down below…and somehow you can put this all together in a beauteous cacophony as you pull the blanket higher in a luxurious morning sleep.

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Others Have Said

  • Sarah Van Buren, Basilica Hudson
    ``Bonnie Kane's playing is a gateway into another, more ethereal plane. As a listener, I get hooked into her melodies-upon-melodies - a trance-like state. Beauty and otherworldliness.``
  • Brent Black, Critical Jazz
    ``...sonic brain wash as Jimi Hendrix meets Albert Ayler....Kane is fearless on tenor saxophone...``
  • New York City Jazz Record
    ``...Kane develops themes and motifs with the complexity of a dark red wine...``
  • Thor's Rubber Hammer
    ``...Kane's contributions bring the unit to its most psychedelic paramount...``

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